Change Log

Version 1.3
March 14, 2014

Multi language support added for:

  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • English
  • Russian

If you are using Graphic Pro Software in one of these languages and have a correction, please send a support ticket to let us know.

Version 1.2
February 03, 2014

  1. Left edge of the Canvas was moved away from the edge of the quick command buttons
  2. Canvas size was limited to 1024 pixels.  It can now be sized larger, both vertically and horizontally. 
  3. Zoom tool was added to the top menu
  4. Pan ability was added by the use of scrollbars (vertical & horizontal) that will show up if your canvas is larger than the screen area.
  5. Added the ability to Select 2 or more elements by holding the Shift while selecting
  6. The Align tool was added to the Edit dropdown – select objects to be aligned by holding down the shift key while selecting  >  select Edit  >  Align (from the Top menu bar).  The align dialog box will come up. Select the desired alignment and click OK.
  7. Larger text – previously, the text height was limited to 80.  It has been updated to 300.
  8. Minor bug fixes
  9. Multi language support added for  

Version 1.1
December 22, 2013
Initial Release

  1. Minor bug fixes

Version 1.0
December 1, 2013
Beta Release