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Graphic Pro Software

The editor window

Concepts of the Editor

  • There can be only one project on the canvas
  • Project is contained within the canvas with visible white area and black border extents
  • All operations are applied inside the canvas border
  • Click outside the canvas to cancel an operation
  • Drag the edges of the canvas to resize
  • Each element is assigned to a Layer
  • Resize and rotate elements using corner and edge grips
  • Click on an element and use the Delete key to remove it

Using Handles for resizing and Rotating elements

There are 8 handles: left, right, top, bottom edges - and all four corners.

Use the grips to resize any element by dragging the grips with your left mouse button.

To rotate, move your mouse cursor over the dashed border perimeter until the cursor become a “Cross”, then click the left mouse button, drag into the desired angle and release the mouse button.

The rotate feature will only rotate in 15 degree increments. This is for easier control of rotated elements.

Rotated element

Install the program

See Menu

Status bar

Keyboard shortcuts

See keyboard


Toolbar is always visible panel with 11 buttons. After one of them is clicked – it become grayed (unselectable) until the operation will be finished.


Saves the project.


Add a text


Draw a line


Draw a rectangle

Filled rectangle


Draw a circle

Filled circle

Draw a filled circle


Copy the selected element


Add a shadow for the selected element

Import from Library

Import an image from the Library

Import from Computer

Import an image from Computer