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Key Description
ctrl+N Create new document
ctrl+O Open a document
ctrl+S Save the current document
ctrl+E Export the document into a picture
alt+X Exit the program
ctrl+Z Undo command
ctrl+R Redo command
ctrl+PgUp Bring to front
PgUp Bring closer
PgDn Send farther
ctrl+PgDn Send to back
ctrl+D Duplicate
del Delete
ctrl+L Import from library
ctrl+I Import from computer
F1 Help index
vk_down Move the object down by 1 step
vk_up Move the selected object up by 1 step
vk_left Move the object left by 1 step
vk_right Move the object right by 1 step
shift When rotate – change step into 5 degrees
shift When move by arrows – change step into 5 pixels
ctrl When move by arrows – change step into 20 pixels
ctrl+shift When move by arrows – change step into 50 pixels
escape Cancel any ongoing operation
backspace During text input – delete last character
enter During text input – accept new text