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  • Shadows can be applied to any element type (shape, text, image)
  • Shadows have the properties: color, shift_x, shift_y, and radius
  • Shadows can be applied but turned off (in this case it keeps their parameters and can be be turned back ON)

Shadow properties

Shadow properties


The color of the shadow under the element uses one color.

Shift x

Horizontal shift of the shadow -10..+10

Shift y

Vertical shift of the shadow -10..+10


The blur effect for the shadow 0..10. A smaller value means a more precise edge on the shadow. When using 10 you will have a complete blur. If your black shadow is too dark, use a gray color instead of black.


To add shadow

  1. Select an element using the left mouse button
  2. Click on the “Shadow” icon on the toolbar, change the shadow parameter and click “OK”

To disable shadow

  1. Select the element using left mouse button
  2. Click on the “Shadow” icon on the toolbar or right click on the object to bring up the properties toolbox
  3. Deselect the checkbox “Active” on the shadow tab and click “OK”