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Add a text

You can add one line of text at a time.

Text uses the font properties (tab “Text”), color (tab “Fill”, also fill using linear or radial gradients).

Font properties are: font name, height in pixels, bold, italic, underline.


  • Text width is not adjustable
  • Save your project after any text input to keep it's properties
  • You can resize the text using the handles (grips)
  • Press “Esc” to cancel the text command during typing

Add a Text


  1. Click on Text icon in the Toolbar
  2. Place cursor into appropriate place on canvas
  3. Type in text, you can use the 'Backspace' key to delete the last character
  4. Please use the 'Enter' key to complete, or click anywhere on the canvas to save the text
  5. Right click on text to open the Properties form where you can set the text properties
  6. Click on 'OK' to save new text

See also Edit Text